The Spirit of London Day & Night

My Space in the Immense Universe

How history,architecture,arts and culture have shaped London into one of the greatest cities in the world.

Samuel Johnson ventured to say that there is more learning within the circumference of ten miles from where we now sit,than in all the rest of the world.Certainly,there is no time to waste in London,no time at all to be bored.

Monumental statues bring history out in open space.Gods,ancient kings and queens,and warriors who glorify military action,remain accessible to people all times.Public art records and celebrates important events in the history of a city,it lifts up humanity and challenges the audiences.

« Boadicea and Her Daughters »- Victoria Embankmen,Westminster.

They were mounted on a war chariot drawn by two rearing horses.She was queen of a Celtic tribe who led an uprising in Roman Britain.

20180410_125407« Boadicea and Her Daughters » sculptured by Thomas Thornycroft.


The War Memorial at Euston railway Station,designed by Reginald Wynn Owen

Commemoration WW…

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