Will You Be Affected By Climate Change?

I am Jessica

 The Earth’s climate is constantly changing. It has been changing for as long as the Earth has existed (how long that is depends on your worldview). The problem now is that the climate is changing much faster than it should be. Over the last few hundred thousand years the climate has changed reasonably predictably – with periods of cooler climates (glacial) and periods of warmer climates (inter-glacials). We are currently in an inter-glacial.

A graph depicting the atmospheric CO2 data from the Mauna Loa weather station in Hawaii. The trend line shows a significant increase since records began in 1960 - increased from ~310ppm to ~440ppm. Atmospheric CO2 has increased by over 100ppm in just over 50 years.

The climate now is warming (overall) at an unprecedented rate. This warming is due to the massive increase in atmospheric CO2 – an increase of 40% since the beginning of the industrial revolution (~1850). Most of the increase in CO2 has occurred within the last 100 years – the rate of CO2 being put into the atmosphere is increasing constantly. Global average temperatures…

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