Dear rapist!

« Who do you think you are, running around leaving scars, Collecting your jar of hearts AND TEARING LIVES APART . You are gonna catch a cold, From the ice inside your soul…  »

Christina Perri.

RAPE, the most intimate of crimes!

Unfortunately, we live in an environment in which rape is prevalent, where this act is normalized and excused. We live in a society that teaches kids « don’t get raped » instead of « don’t rape. » We have justified the act of rape and we blame the victims with disgraceful statements like « SHE/HE ASKED FOR IT!!  » This statement is ridiculous and it’s messed up in all the levels!

I was once told that I couldn’t wear an outfit because it was « too provocative » and that « I would be asking for rape » With ideas like this being spoken/thought, I think it’s time to have…….

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