The Big Lebowski OST

emmakwall (explains it all)

I’m pretty sure most film fans go through their ‘Big Lebowski’ phase. I know it was certainly a film I loved and quoted (and quoted…..and quoted) when I was a teenager. And you know, still to this day I’m not completely sure what happened. The kidnapping, the porn stars and nihilists. The Jesus. The bowling tournament. Talk about a complicated plot.

But today we’re here to discuss the film’s soundtrack. Which I’ve owned for goodness how many years, but (pay attention here kids) this is what happens when you look after something – it works fine.


The Big Lebowski soundtrack is very similar to the film. Eclectic, slightly odd and very far outman. It’s a groovy soundtrack but some of the tracks are just flat out weird and taken from the context of the film, just sound, well – flat out weird. But luckily there are enough decent tracks to pull it through…

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