The EU bans neonics. What will the US do?

The Green Stars Project

You may have heard the newsyesterday that the EU has voted to ban neonics (neonicotinoids) in Europe, putting a more permanent stamp on the temporary ban that had been in place since 2013. Meanwhile, in the US, the use of neonics has increased to a point where a large percentage of several crops – almost 100% of corn – is treated nationwide (and choosing organic or pesticide-free veggies and products is the only clear way to avoid neonics).

The fact that the majority of the corn and soy grown in the US is treated with neonics tells you something about where the agrochemical industry would like to take us. It’s not just a case of using it here and there at times where it might be needed, but to use it as default. It would be like all of us taking antibiotics all the time just in case we…

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