Fotografia: Portas (Doors)


DSC02939 (2)DSC02891 (3)DSC02913 (2)DSC03030 (2)

Fotos: Chronosfer. Os portais abrem e fecham a qualquer instante. Sabemos a hora de entrar no voo. E nesse voar, os nossos sonhos. Antes de a porta fechar.

The portals open and close at any moment. We know the time to get on the flight. And in this flight, our dreams. Before the door closes.

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2 commentaires

  1. I love your doors. So colorful and unique. I have a special relationship with doors, especially loving red doors. I believe that many of the doors we encounter today are either opening or closing for us because of earlier choices. That’s why it’s best to choose our doors wisely. But most importantly in my opinion is knowing that if a door doesn’t open, it’s probably not your door. Move on!!!

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