Some things I like

Small Town Musings

Reading books

Sunrises and sunsets

Baking chocolate cakes and ginger biscuits

Sharing jokes with my mother

Sometimes, an early morning walk with my husband

The smell of rain on earth

Yellow lilies

The feel of my silk sarees in winter

Late night classical music

Photographs of my daughter’s childhood

Lemons fresh off the tree

My bright pink beanbag

Cinnamon powder in coffee

Rereading ‘ Of human bondage ‘

Spending time with friends

Listening to my daughter sing

Laughing uncontrollably with friends

The colour yellow

The colourful quilts my mother makes

Reading old letters

Soft comfortable cloth shoes

Starched cotton sarees drying in the sun

The river behind my house

Coffee beans, their shape and texture

Tea plantations

Teaching poetry

Laburnum trees loaded with fat yellow blossoms

Watching squirrels play

Puppies tumbling and yapping.

What do you like?

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