Dear brown girl…

World of Nabeeda

A message from one brown girl to another… ❤

You are as powerful as you believe you are. I know you have a lot of pressure to meet certain standards but you were born to create your own life not to follow others.


The colour of your skin, the scarf on your head or the kara on your wrist doesn’t decide your fate, you do.


When we are born, our parents think about marriage from day one. Remember, we didn’t come into this world just to get married, we all have greater purpose. To travel, to love, to explore and most importantly follow our dreams, whatever they may be.


Our sarees, kurtas and salwars are part of our identity. Don’t lose that to fit in with the crowd. We are meant to be different, don’t spend your life trying to be someone else.


Don’t confine yourself to the norms. Change…

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