Purple Pants

Mirage in a smoldering night. Cooking my unstable emotions on heated grills with tears and salt dressing. I stand alone at a train station looking up to a stale, wintry sky. Waiting for that sudden burst of energy, my salvation from this sullen black hole. Waiting for that train to run on cold, dead iron tracks. To run on the alloy of my numb pain and restless desperation. To color the world rosy with the crimson blood of my sinful soul. I wait.

I lament about my bygones. My treacherous path. My broken strength. The clock turns backward. Shoving me, choking me into my past. My mistakes float like unwanted smog, blocking the sunlight to reach my empty, clanking shell.

I look around bidding time to my death. Play hide and seek with the demons one last time. Fade from the world like an emptying sand clock. Say goodbye to…

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